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Bachelor OF ARTS

Program Objectives

The interdisciplinary Folklore and Mythology Program, provides coordinated study of the traditional lifestyles of specific societies and culture areas, on the one hand, and systematic training in the research methods and investigative techniques of cross-cultural study, on the other. Courses focus on the nature, history, and functions of such traditional forms as narrative, music, art, dance, religion, festival, and speech and consider the part they play in human development and cultural existence. The program examines the ways in which human traditions both reflect and contribute to continuity and consistency in thought and life.

Program Requirements

  • American Folklore FM 560
  • Introduction to Classical Mythology FM 561
  • Fairy Lore FM 562
  • Native American Folklore FM 563
  • Vampires D 512
  • Lycanthropy D 513
  • Introduction to Demonology D 510
  • Advanced Demonology D 511
  • History of Witchcraft and Demonology PS 551
  • A Study Of Dragons FM 564
  • African Folklore FM 565
  • Ancient Egyptian Folklore and Mythology FM 566
  • Required Research Paper

A total of 100 credit hours is required to complete this course of study.  In addition to these hours, the student is expected to write a research paper on some aspect of folklore and mythology. The topic of this thesis should be developed and approved through the Institute.

Tuition and Payments

The total tuition for this program is $1,250.00.  Students may enroll in this program via our interest-free monthly payment plan.
This plan requires a down payment of 10% ($125.00).  Additionally, the student must complete the required Student Payment Agreement forms and provide a valid credit/debit card from which monthly payments are to be charged.

  • FOLKLORE AND MYTHOLOGY DEGREE Now (Interest-free monthly payment plan) $125.00 down and $93.75/month for 12 months using credit/debit card. .

For additional information on this program, call toll-free at 1-800-965-8504