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DEMONOLOGY Doctoral Degree Program

The Institute now offers a doctoral-level degree program in Demonology. This is the most unique, ground-breaking program of its kind anywhere in the world.
Demonology is the study of the supernatural reality of evil spirits, devils, tricksters and malevolent gods. As such, the student will examine demonology from a variety of cultural, historical and philosophical perspectives.

The program has a prescribed series of course requirements, supplemental reading/writing assignments, and a dissertation.

Program Admission
Prospective students must make full application to the program. This includes completion and submission of all required forms. A written statement of intent is also required. Letters of recommendation are welcomed and will be given all due consideration, but are not mandatory.

Dissertation Requirements
Topic Choice
1. Develop a topic that has held a long standing interest for you.
2. Think about the top three issues you want to study and turn them into questions.
3.  Be sure that your choice is clearly within the parameters of the field of demonology.
(All candidates must submit their topic for approval)


Footnotes and endnotes may be single-spaced with an extra space between notes. Each page must be numbered. This does not include cover page, table of content page, and bibliography/reference pages.
Do not use page headers (except for page numbers) or decorative borders.


  • 8-1/2 x 11 inches
  • Standard, white paper
  • 20 pound weight
  • Black print with a sharp, dark image
  • Use 10 to 12 point type.
  • Single-sided pages
  • 30-page minimum length requirement.
  • Double-space the main body of the dissertation.
  • Lengthy quotations, footnotes, and bibliographies may be single-spaced with a double space between entries or paragraphs.
  • The dissertation may be bound.
  • Maps, charts, etc. are acceptable
The student must submit two copies of their final draft. One copy will be reviewed and returned to the student. One copy will be retained for permanent inclusion in the archives of the Institute

The total tuition for this program is $2150.00. This covers all materials and services, including books, assignments, folders, and shipping.
Payment may be made in full, or by making 12 interest-free monthly payments. This option requires an initial down payment of 10% ($215.00), and 12 monthly payments of $161.25 billed through a valid debit/credit card. The student will be required to complete and sign the Student Payment Agreement before their application process is completed and approved.

Program Requirements

  • Online Demonology Course, Modules 1-3
  • Introduction to Demonology, D 510
  • Advanced Demonology, D 511
  • Vampire Studies, D 512
  • Lycanthropy, D 513
  • Ghosts and Hauntings, PS 507
  • Beings From Beyond, PS 545
  • The Paranormal Investigator, PS 546
  • The Monster Hunter, PS 547
  • Non-human, Inter-dimensional Creatures, PS 548
  • Mystical Beings, PS 549
  • History of Witchcraft & Demonology, PS 551
  • Supernatural Creatures, PS 552
  • Fairy Lore, FM 562
  • Required Reading
  • Essay 1: Based on Required Reading
  • Essay 2: Based on Required Reading
  • Research Paper: Student-selected Topic
  • Dissertation: Topic must be submitted and approved. 

Step 1: Submit letter of intent.

Step 2:  Complete all required forms. These will be sent to the email address accompanying your intent letter.

Step 3: Choose one:

  • Register for this course now! $2150
  • Use this registration if you are using the payment plan. $215/$161.25 Monthly

After your down payment, your credit/debit card will be charged $161.25 on the 5th of the first month following your enrollment, and on the 5th of each subsequent month until your balance is paid in full

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