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The American Institute of Metaphysics
William A. Lester, Jr., Ph. D., Director
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Jonesboro, GA 30237
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The Institute would like to present its Occult Sciences Bachelor-Level Degree Program.

Occult Science is the systematic study of the hidden laws and principles of man and the universe. As such, it embraces all that modern science has discovered about the material world, as well as subjects of which material science knows little or nothing, such as philosophy, higher ethics and metaphysics.



  • Pagan Traditions - OS 600
  • A Study in Runes - OS 601
  • A Study in Tarot - OS602
  • Introduction to Demonology - D 510
  • Advanced Demonology - D 511
  • History of Witchcraft and Demonology - PS 551
  • Online Demonology
  • Introduction to Occult Sciences - OS 603
  • Advanced Occult Sciences - OS 604
  • A Study in Necromancy - OS 605
  • A Study in Scrying - OS 606
  • Crystal Metaphysics - OS 607
  • Herbal Metaphysics - OS 608
  • Candle Magic (Includes Spell Candles) - OS 609
  • A Study in Sorcery - OS 610
  • Required Research Writing Project



The total tuition for this program in $1850.00.

Interest-free Monthly Tuition Payment Plan: 10% down ($185.00) and $118.00/month for 14 months. This plan requires the use of a valid debit/credit card.

Tuition covers all materials—books, folders, assignments and shipping. (Free shipping for U.S. residents only).

  • Register for this course now! $1850
  • Use this registration if you are using the payment plan. $185/$118 Monthly


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