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BA Theology Degree Program Objectives
The general educational objectives of the Department are (1) to explore texts, histories, and ways in which humans from various cultures have understood their world including the beliefs, ethics, rituals, artifacts, and organizations of religions; (2) to understand the changing relationship between religion and elements of the wider culture including the dynamics of politics, art, economics, literature, and society and their relationship to religions; (3) to become familiar with the theories and methods used in the study of religion.

BA Theology Degree Program Requirements

  1. Turin Shroud AM 517
  2. The Historical Jesus AM 518
  3. Crucifixion Pathology AM 528
  4. Ghosts and Hauntings PS 507
  5. Near-Death Experiences PS 508
  6. Vampires D 512
  7. Lycanthropy D 513
  8. Introduction to Demonology D 510
  9. Advanced Demonology D 511
  10. History of Witchcraft and Demonology PS 551
  11. General Theology T 570
  12. World Religions T 571
  13. Ancient Religions T 572
  14. A  Study in Islam T 573
  15. A Study in Hinduism T 574
  16. A Study in Buddhism T 575
  17. Old Testament Studies T 576
  18. New Testament Studies T 577
  19. A Study in Pagan Traditions T 578
  20. Sitchin Studies AM 521

A total of 100 credit hours is required to complete this course of study.  In addition to these hours, the student is expected to write a thesis on some aspect of practical theology. The topic of this thesis should be developed and approved through the Dean of Academics.

Tuition and Payments
The total tuition for this program is $1,250.00.  Students may enroll in this program via our interest-free monthly payment plan.
This plan requires a down payment of 10% ($125.00).  Additionally, the student must complete the required Student Payment Agreement forms and provide a valid credit/debit card from which monthly payments are to be charged.

Enroll Now (Full Price Tuition) $1,250.00

Enroll Now (Interest-free monthly payment plan) $125.00 down and $93.75/month for 12 months using credit/debit card.

For additional information on this program, call toll-free at 1-800-965-8504

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